Banquet Package 2

Soup: Choice of one (1) for group:
Cream of Carrot and Ginger
Lentil soup
Stracciatella Fiorentina

Salad: Choice of one (1) for group:
Garden Salad with caramelized red onion dressing
Mixed Salad with crispy vegetables

Main Course: Choice of one (1) for group:
Veal Boscaiola
Veal Piccata
Chicken Supreme, white wine and fine herb sauce
Roast Beef with a red wine sauce – minimum 20 people
Salmon in a zesty lemon and coriander sauce
Braised Beef with a bourguignon sauce (Add $2.00)
Rib Steak (Add $5.00)
Filet Mignon (Add $10.00)

***These dishes are served with seasonal vegetables and with potatoes or rice***

Dessert of the day

During Meal:
Soft Drinks
Mineral Water
(2) bottles of wine per table of (10) people

Additional Options:

Hot & Cold Canapés for 1 hour
Open Bar for 1 hour during Cocktail
Beer & Wine during Cocktail
Open Bar for 3 hours
Unlimited wine during the meal

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